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To get to scenes above 128 you may need to send two command messages – first a Bank Change value “01”, then the Program Change. Leave the ID the same and stay on Channel 1
I don’t have a Pro 2 but look in the program Change drop down for Bank Change which is Controller 0. A value of 01 = bank two (Scenes above 128), then also send the program change.

This reference from another site might be helpful:
We need to use 2 messages to contain the bank number because, due to MIDI’s design, it’s not possible to transmit a value greater than 128 in just one controller message. Remember that a bank number can go as high as 16,384, and you need 2 MIDI controller messages to send such a large value. But, since most modules do not have more than 128 banks anyway, these modules typically only use the MSB message (ie, controller number 0) to select bank, and ignore any LSB message (ie, controller number 32).

B0 00 01 Switch to bank 2 (NOTE: only the MSB message needed)
C0 02 Switch to the third patch in this bank
The patch doesn’t actually change until the module receives the Program Change message. The Bank Select message(s) must precede the Program Change message. Otherwise, the module would select the third patch in whatever bank the module was currently set to. (In other words, when the module receives Bank Select messages, it doesn’t change any patches. Rather, it simply notes what the “current bank” is, and any subsequent Program Change messages will switch to patches within that bank.

What this also means for scene recalls is that ideally you need to send Bank Select message before every individual Program Change even to select patches from bank 1 (scenes 1-128). Otherwise the module (mixer) will assume it is still in the last selected bank – if that was Bank 2 then a program change only message would recall a scene above 128!