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Hello guy , Hello Nicola
What a great console this Dlive that just join our iLive touring parc
A tip found here to add Dlive physical channel preamp input if you still have iDR16…64 on your parc with ilive-ACE card on stock.
Of course The best to add DLIVE channel on stage or at FOH is to add the new DLIVE 32 expand rack ….but not yet available…and expensive!
Other solution , connect your ilive rack to one of the DLIVE ADAPT port with two similar protocol card in DLIve an IDR port B….. could be expensive…
Or…….. Connect a DLIVE-ADDAPT card with your ilive –ACE card fit in to….the .idr16….48 PORT A!!!
Launch ilive éditor connected to your iDR16….64 ( WHITHOUT ILIVE SURFACE connected!!)
Choose” connect to mix rack only” then choose a modular surface ( 144 for exemple) and configure it with virtual “ANALOGUE OUTPUT” only ( 4 slot to get 32 channel)
Then in the iLive Editor patch the 32 Surface output XLR to “mix rack input” (as you ussualy did in FOH/Monitor split).
Finnaly on the Dlive patch the DLIVE I/O port of the ADDPT ACE card to the channel you want and Hop as we say in french you have up to 32 preamp available in your wonderfull Dlive for NO cost ….Sorry mister Christian…
Just restriction those added idr preamp gain, 48V must be control with editor or ilive mix pad…a few restriction compare to the benefit ( just add a iPAD screen to your Dlive system thru wireless router….wouah Dlive with 3 touch screen) and only 48kHz sample frequency on those preamp….
This could be helpful also to add effect or insert …
Hope this tip should be helpful…and this tip would be still available with future Dlive update.
Best regards to the A&H R&D /support…