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Hello again,

It took some time but the app can now be beta tested.
Thanks again to Allen&Heath for supporting the development.


  • Android device running Android 4.0 or newer
  • Qu Mixer with a minimum firmware version of 1.82
  • A wifi AP/router

Manual / Wiki
An online manual can be found here:
Getting started
Note that these pages can be edited by anyone so feel free to add new content if you like.

The app has some limitations:

  • Only one instance can be connected at a time to the mixer (this does not include iPads running QuPad)
  • Changing the dSnake input routing while the app is connected may bring the app out of sync. If you change the dSnake input routing it’s currently recommended to reconnect the app to make sure the data is in sync. This will probably be fixed with the next firmware release.

How can I get the beta?
In order to download the beta you need to visit the activation link of the version you want to install:

Pro Version
Free Version

If you uninstall the app, you will automatically leave the beta group.
If you choose to participate in the beta for the professional version of the app, you must also buy the app from Google Play. You will be able to download the release version with the same license so you don’t need to pay again.

After visiting the link you should be able to install the app using the Google Play store.

Does it work on Kindle Fire tablets?
Yes it does. The app runs on every Kindle Fire tablet running FireOS >= 4.
Note that the beta test is currently not available for the Amazon app store. But the final version will be available there.

I found a bug! – I want feature xy
Please use the report form to report a bug or submit a feature request.