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Hi all,

A brief introduction, because I´m new in this forum:
I´m supervise the QU-24 in our church since 18 month. With this experience I can confirm, that the Qu-24 is among other applications pretty good for apps in houses of worship. Commendations to the development team!

Referring to the postings of Gilly above I agree, that the restriction to have access with Qu-Pad only with the Admin-password is a step backwards. I know, that in earlier firmware releases it was possible to have full access on all functions of the console, which may include some major problem. So I partly understand the decision for release 1.8, that only the admin password has permission for Qu-Pad access.
But now I´m forced into the unsatisfactory situation to give the admin password to all, who must have access to the remote control via Qu-Pad. In this way the advantage of the admin level to keep the control over important settings is lost.

My recommendation for the next firmware release is as follows:

• A user of the Qu-Pad have to be authorized with a password (Standard or Admin, the Basic level don’t´ require a password, if so defined in the settings)
• Depending of the password level the access rights will be given to the iPad
• The password depending access rights of the Qu-Pad are the same like the password depending access rights of the QU-24

Best Regards from Germany