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Thanks for the quick reply cornelius78….
The other day you helped me to route my effects to my subgroup so that they could be compressed so right now my effects are not assigned to the LR Mains but to the subgroups…

So…. How do I run fx1 return post fader and make it go into the send of fx2?

I had trouble logging onto the forum a little while ago… Says I was logged in everywhere I went but once I got to the page where I wanted to post it said I wasn’t logged in…. .??

Anyways – I wanted to post exactly what the M-One XL Manual says about Parallel/Serial in case it wasn’t clear….
“The Parallel/Serial routing is similar to the Dual input routing except for one thing: The Output of Engine 1 can be fed back into Engine 2’s Input. This enables you to for example: add reverb to the repeats of the delay”.

I hope this helps clarify anything…. Help when you can cornelius78.