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Since you can not decide how many tracks to record, with QuDrive Multitrack you always record 18 Tracks, and the math is this (from Understanding QuDrive and USB):

The maximum file size on FAT32 is 4 GB. Qu-Drive audio data rate per track is 8.24 MB / minute (144 KB / second). This would allow a maximum recording time of roughly 8 hours. For 18 tracks you would need 72 GB drive capacity for the maximum recording time.

Regarding your questions:

— it protects what has already been recorded

hopefully, won’t rely on that…

— has any buffer within the mixer to allow a swap of drive


— advises of imminent data crisis – 10 mins out possibly?

Do your primary recording on PC/Mac and use the QuDrive as backup for that kind of recordings.

— if no to any of the above maybe these could be features in a firmware update?

I doubt that A&H can streamline necessary buffer memory (300MBytes per minute for multitrack recording) along with a firmware update… 😉