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Over the past few days I have been plodding through the setup however I can only get the DAW to work one way around – so something is still not correct.
I can get Audition to see audio played via the mixer and I can get the faders to react to click and drag on the screen i.e. within Audition… but I can not work out how to get the faders to control the screen faders ? I assume you should see them move up and down on screen as you move them on the console?

If it helps I also think that other functionality is not crossing the USB lead either way i.e. gain, pan etc.

Other bits of background that may just assist others in setting up:

I have installed the A&H DAW Control driver (1.03)
and used as a guide – i.e. custom layer set to midi

Setting it to Mackie – midi ports – in and out midi. The squares flash on data ( i.e. left for up, right box for down)

I have also selected within Audition – preferences – Control surfaces –
—-Device class – Mackie
—-in the configuration pop up – I have added 4 times (1 each for each bank of 8 faders on the desk) the input device/ output device i.e. midi 1 for bank 1 , midi 2 for bank 2 etc.

but still it does not work transparently? Any thoughts much appreciated?

Adobe Audition CS6 – 5.0.2 and Mac 10.10.5