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There is no way to have a Windows machine control the QU or the QU to control the DAW on a Windows machine. All you can get is the tracks to your DAW via the USB-B port on the rear of the desk. You can have the DAW to return only a stereo track back to the desk via any of the inputs. On any given Sunday morning, I record our church services. I also send a mix to our camera so there is a clean audio signal going into the camera. I accomplish this by using the DAW to process the signal and send it from the DAW to the QU via ST3 input, then out Aux 9,10 to the camera. This way I can use the DAW to place a limiter on it so I have a strong enough signal for the camera. My Pastor likes to move the mic away from his mouth a lot, so this is the only way I have found to still hear him on the recordings.

I have a QU16, but I know the issue is that unless you have a Mac computer, you will not be able to use the control functions between a PC and the QU. Someone told me once that it is because Windows does not want to allow you that much control of their software.