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Ok, just so I’m clear: the Qu-24 has 4 mono mixes and 3 stereo mixes available “internally”, which are routed physically to the XLR outs 1-4 (mono) and 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 (stereo pairs).

Yes. As [XAP]Bob said, it also has 2x stereo groups, which also have their own XLR outputs. If you don’t need to use them as subgroups, firmware v1.8 and above allows these groups to be un-assigned from LR and be used as stereo mixes (just like mix1-10) which would be suitable for monitors. This means you could have a total of 4x mono and 5x stereo monitor mixes. I don’t think the Qu-you app sees them as available mixes though (at least not in demo mode, they might show up if connected to the console: I don’t have one in front of me atm.)

Via the Qu-You app, can I control what source channels route to those mono mixes 1 through 4? I think these “internal” mixes are called Qu-Mix 1 through 10.

The routing of channels to the mix is taken care of on the Qu console. The “routing” in the qu-app determines which channels show up in the app for the qu-app user to adjust. The console can have all 39 inputs (including stereo ins, fx returns and TB) routed to mix1, but the qu-you user can choose which ones he actually wants (or doesn’t want) to show up in the app for easy adjustment. One qu-you-user might want all the drum channels to show up. Another might only want k+s. Another might want all the vox and all the FX returns. Another might just want dry vox. This can be configured on a per-device basis.

Now let’s say I’ve grouped all the drums to group 1 or a DCA (not sure what I’d use at this point) for convenience.

I wouldn’t subgroup the drums on the console and then send the group to the monitors, as FOH changes will affect the monitor sound, and this would get annoying for the band. If you only need level control of a bunch of channels in FOH (eg make all the drums louder) use a DCA. If you want to insert processing across all the drums (eg compress the drums, or add reverb to the drums) then you’ll need a group. In terms of “grouping” the drums for monitors, read on.

Can artist #1 (which corresponds to Mix 1 and Mix Output 1/Headphone channel 1), plug in their cans into headphone amp #1, open up Qu-You, select Grp 1, Ch9, Ch10, Ch11, Ch12, and Ch13 as sources to their mix, and then have those sources show up as individual “faders” (large scroll-wheels, actually) in their iPhone?

To an extent. You only get 4x wheels in the Qu-You app. You can however assign multiple channels to the one wheel, then double tap that wheel to see all the channel faders assigned to it (8 on the page if you hold the phone landscape.) Unfortunately in this view you don’t see the mix’s master fader: you need to back out to the main “wheel view” for that.

You can assign ch1-8 to wheel1 and call it “drums.” This effectively “groups” the drums in the app and avoids the problem of subgrouping them as detailed above. You can assign ch9 to wheel2 and call it “bass.” You can assign ch10-11 to wheel3 and call it “gtrs.” You can assign ch12-13 to wheel4 and call it “vox.” If you want to adjust the overall level of the drums in the monitor you can just use wheel1. If you want a bit more snare you need to double-tap wheel1, which will then bring up individual faders for ch1-8, and you can adjust the snare fader. You can then go back to the “wheel view.” Same sort of concept for gtrs and vox.

Although this layout is nice in terms of channel numbers and grouping similar inputs, I’d find it annoying to work with: wanting more of gtr1, less bass, and more of vox 2 involves too many taps IMO. Personally I’d configure wheel1 with kick, snare, hats, bass, gtr1, gtr2, vox1, vox2. I’d put the other drums on wheel2, and spend most of my time with wheel1 expanded and faders for the above 8x channels accessible most of the time, occasionally going back to wheel2 if i needed more toms or overheads. Different Qu-app users can set up their wheels in whatever configuration suits them.