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Ok, just so I’m clear: the Qu-24 has 4 mono mixes and 3 stereo mixes available “internally”, which are routed physically to the XLR outs 1-4 (mono) and 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 (stereo pairs).

I’m cool with mono mixes if that’s what I’m limited to; not a dealbreaker.

My plan is to physically connect XLR Out 1 to headphone amp 1, XLR Out 2, to headphone amp 2, and so on, for four artist mono mixes.

Via the Qu-You app, can I control what source channels route to those mono mixes 1 through 4? I think these “internal” mixes are called Qu-Mix 1 through 10.

For example, say drums are on channels 1-8, bass di 9, guitars 10 and 11, vox 12 and 13. Now let’s say I’ve grouped all the drums to group 1 or a DCA (not sure what I’d use at this point) for convenience.

Can artist #1 (which corresponds to Mix 1 and Mix Output 1/Headphone channel 1), plug in their cans into headphone amp #1, open up Qu-You, select Grp 1, Ch9, Ch10, Ch11, Ch12, and Ch13 as sources to their mix, and then have those sources show up as individual “faders” (large scroll-wheels, actually) in their iPhone?