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I am adding a vocal to a session I had already started on the other mixer. When I play back the flat vocal I recorded using the Qu-16 it is noticeably more treble than the flat vocal from the DM-24. I recorded the vocal from the Qu-16 From a out on the back of the mixer directly into my D/A converter, just as I did on my other console with no EQ. I am hoping when I get my new computer and record from the USB out it will be a transparent flat recording. I am using a high end tri polor pattern condenser mic.
Regardless, I should be getting a nice smooth flat recording and when I play it back through a channel with the EQ off it is really thin and high end. I know British boards are known to have higher EQ type sound but this is to much to my ears and I have been doing this for over 35 years. The vocal is clean and not distorted, it is if I have cranked up the treble and no smooth low end to it. It’s definitely not a transparent flat sound. I have checked to make sure all EQ, compression, gate, low pass, are off on the playback channel so I am thinking it has to be coming out of the board from that out. Is there a way to make sure those outs are sending a completely flat signal. I turn off all EQ and efx from the mic channel I am plugging the mic in. I started from a completely flat reset of the Qu-16.