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Guys, all of this is speculation, but I think it should be possible to use the QuPac as digital stage box. The thing is: the Qu-series already features sending out audio via dSnake, that is for the personal monitoring system. However, I guess another Qu cannot receive these data.

The question always is: do you want some kind of trick or hack? Like using the monitoring system in a funny way? Or would you go for using the QuPac like the official audio rack, simply like “behave like a audio rack and broadcast all 22 channels”… or would you go for the big thing, like in the oldschool 01V96i series, and even implement chaining up two Qu16 mixers to one large thing? (You can connect one 01V96 to the other via ADAT and chain them up to a 2×40=80 channel-console)

As for control surfaces, I agree. But hey guys… if I were A&H, I’d try to sell you an iLive system, if you want a separate mix rack and a control surface. 🙂