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So trying to get this Static IP thing set up and am a bit confused.
I see on the Qu-16 how to disable DHCP and set the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway.
On my router there are tabs for WAN and LAN.
The WAN tab is now set to Dynamic IP Address, and I am assuming I need to change that to Static like the console?
If I do choose Static on the router, it asks me for:
IP Address
Subnet Mask
ISP Gateway Address
Primary DNS Address
If I am using this as a LAN (with no internet connection), do I need to change the WAN settings?
Am I right in assuming that if I set the Qu-16 to a static IP address, I would have to enter that on the iPad to make the connection to the router to then use Qu-Pad?
So many questions, sorry. This network stuff is baffling.