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Now that I’m starting to get the hang of the logic behind the USB- source selection, I would like to raise a couple of issues:

– why does the source- selection has to be linked with a scene? I’d rather you select USB- playback at your first scene, and it stays that way across all scene- changes. After you are done with your show, you switch back to live inputs.

– A console at this price- point cannot be all things for all operators, and I would prefer an emphasis on straightforwardness,skipping some aspects that simply are not “quite there”. I assume the thinking behind source-selection is, that some people may want per scene usb- playback, because they want to play backing tracks from a hard drive… but how many of us actually do so? I feel most of us prefer an outboard player, plugged into physical line inputs, where you don’t have to access a different window on the console to press “play”. Or then it’s something completely different, sumptin’ I’ve never even thought about, let alone used.

– the source selection becomes all the more irritating, if you have both remote and local sources; the command-chain for a virtual sound check being something like this:

1st scene: select global USB- source “Qu-drive” ,”all” /tweak/2nd layer/process window/source/all Dsnake/”none”/select local inputs/go to scenes/store

2nd scene: all that all over again… I have 43 scenes at present.

…or I am missing a shortcut. Any pointers?

P.S. The console always sounds Great, and Dsnake-connection has been flawless. Full appreciation.