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Post disappeared…

Oh well – here it is again (ish)

I agree in a recording situation – where levels are generally consistent enough to squeeze lots of bits 😉 (and you want those bits in order to do uncountable numbers of post processing steps to the audio).

In a live environment then I could/should probably run more compression, but there is much more scope for musicians to be energised by the crowd/congregation/spirit and drastically increase their output (usually vocalists, but others suffer as well)

The current bit depth (24bits) is 2^8=256 times greater than the dynamic range of the human ear (which is the ultimate target).
I’ll happily sacrifice quite alot of that to give myself an excess of headroom (which is used when someone screams one line…)

There is also the question of how hot to run preamps/ADCs as opposed to buses internally and the final DAC… I tend to have to set the preamps early in the soundcheck and then not touch (in ear users get rightly cross), so I have to give a judged amount of headroom.

Is the QU 24 bits fixed internally – or is that just the external interface and it’s really 48 bit fp internally? I don’t know…