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The suggestion to use the Alt Out is the best solution. Your comment about the “sound guys” wanting the “truest output” and your uncertainty about the Alt Out source on the QU suggests to me that they may be “amateurs” and you are not in a position to give them solid information. Hopefully, the comments thus far will correct the problem.

That being said, I’ll add one other thought. The QU has its nominal output set at +4 dBu (1.23 volts RMS) with the Mains at 0 dB, but it can reach +22 dBu. This depends, of course, on the levels in the channels feeding the mains – your gain structure. +4dBu is a typical output level for professional systems, but there are mixers out there that can be set for 0 dB on the Mains = 0 dBu, or 0.775 volts RMS. If the “sound guys” use such a mixer and have optimized their system for that level, then your signal would be a little “hot.”

Use the Alt Out and the problems will be solved on your end.