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Thanks for all the very useful advice – this is a great forum for getting straight to the heart of the matter!

Couple of questions:

1. ‘Blowing peoples heads off’ is always a concern as we don’t normally have a full time sound engineer to monitor what is going on FOH – the audience can be very subjective – for some it can be too loud and some not loud enough. Does anyone use a sound level meter to check max volume or is it just done by experience? If so, any suggestions on the best type to try/buy?

2. Oracle/Steve – I’ve seen a DBX Driverack in action and was tempted but it seemed a bit of overkill for an active speaker set-up. I can see the advantage of just having one dial to control overall speaker volume but can’t you do that with the L/R main fader on the board, or am I missing something? Do you use any of the auto wizard settings for eq’ing the room, feedback, etc.? Any other comments on speaker processors from anyone?

Thanks again.