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Thanks guys for the quick feedback – I really appreciate the tips. I understand that I’m not giving enough information to cover all the possibilities, but for what it’s worth, I never get clipping (or have peak lights on the board or speakers) when I do the sound alone through the QSCs.
I had considered passing our sound through the alt out, though the last two times I suggested it, the house sound guys talked me into patching the mains to them. I was never really clear on their explanation of why, mostly things like “that’ll give the truest sound”, or vague suggestions that the sound would somehow suffer through the alt out, as it would give a pre-processed sound. I haven’t used alt out to date, though from looking through the Qu manual just now it seems like I could program the alt out to give a clone of the mains, but with an independent pot to control the level going to the house system. I’ll try it next time. I’m familiar with the use of matrixes, as I use our matrixes already for the in-ear systems, and on occasion satellite speaker sets, or else I would have considered that as well.
Bob – one of the in-ear channels that I let my guys use gives them the mains, post fader, as they asked “to hear what the audience is hearing”, and our video recorder also is patched into the mains on that same matrix. When I drop the master fader, it does reduce the level to both the in-ear channel, as well as the video camera – did I misunderstand you about dropping the master fader not affecting things, or am I missing something? Thanks again.