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I concur with what GCumbee said about using the Matrix. I always feed the house systems with the Matrix even if I’m not using my own system as well. I use the same QSC speakers for high end & KW181 for subs, and have NEVER seen a clip / compression light on the speakers.

A lot of house systems have been set up by DJs that sometimes are…how to put this delicately…well, not really up to speed on the necessity of proper gain structure. Too often they feature a smiley faced EQ and amps cranked to the max. Indeed, some house systems also feature consumer grade (i.e. Radio Shack) mixers & EQs often running incompatible line levels.

I had one club that insisted on bring the line level feeds from the board through the board’s pre-amps, rather than line inputs. They insisted that’s what “all the other bands do” and that it should be fine.

I also recommend getting a true iso box for your house feed sends to make sure you don’t end up with any nasty ground loops.