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Thanks Andreas for your answer but actualy it’s clear what I need:
2 scenes!

Scene 1: “FoH ON – scene”
All Inputs are assigned to the Main LR Mix (all parameters should be blocked out of recalling except the “assign routing” from all the Inputs to the Main LR)

Scene 2: “FoH off – scene”
In the concert breaks I want to load scene 2 to “unassign”
all input-channels except the ST1 (st1 = background music) from the Main LR but still run instruments through InEar Monitors!

As far as I see there’s no individual filter for “assign” only! It’s connected with fader-level and during a gig these settings might need to get changed! (I would say the “routing mix sends” is the filter that includes assignments!?)

Solution would be using a DCA where all Channels except ST1 is assignes and turn it down in between the sets.. But I would rather safe my customlayer-faders for live adjustments!

In a further software update you could add a special mute setting that allows you to mute channels just on the Main LR but not on monitors… I would say loads of people would love to use this feature!