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David Haughton

Hi John, this shouldn’t be a problem and you’ll benefit from the great new features in v1.8.
The first iPad is no longer supported by Apple and can’t be updated past iOS5. Anything later that this will be fine.

You may be able to restore from an iPad backup: this is risky and you may find that a backup has been overwritten since…

1. Qu firmware updates won’t overwrite scenes stored in the mixer, but make a backup onto a USB key to be extra safe.
You can use the same key to update the firmware too.

Plug in a USB key which can be erased into the Qu-Drive port.
Once this has been done the same key can be used to save the show file and copy the firmware update file to.
Go to USB DATA > SHOWS and press STORE NEW (To USB). This show file will contain all of the scenes currently in the mixer.
You can then download the Qu v1.8 Chrome update here:
Now plug the USB key into your computer and copy the .QUU firmware file to the root drive of the key.
Once this is done put the key back into the Qu-Drive port and go to SETUP > UTILITY > FIRMWARE
The mixer should show “Found V1.8*.****”
If it does, press UPDATE!
The screen will go blank and the softkeys will flash in sequence.
When this is complete the mixer will reboot automatically.
Do not remove power or the USB device during the firmware update until the mixer has completed the process and rebooted completely.

2. No data is saved in Qu-Pad, it uses 2 way control messages to communicate with the mixer, so no worries here.
If you load a scene Qu-Pad should follow the scene settings.

Let me know if you need any more help. 🙂