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My son had a Belkin F7D2301 b-g-N router ($40) he no longer needed, so I decided to test it with our QU32 and my iPad. The antennas are internal to the plastic router case. I have found that it works fine in our auditorium as well as in our foyer. The distances are around 50 ft, but the foyer is on the floor below the balcony where the mixer and router sit, and the signal must traverse some walls.

I have not had any issues with this inexpensive mixer, but it is dedicated to the mixer – secured and no other traffic.

I think one should consider the critical nature of this application plus the need for reliability and thus use the router for only the mixer. Secure it so one one else can access it. I don’t think the nature of this application requires a very high speed, expensive mixer, but one does need to consider distance and interfering structures that may impact the reception.

I don’t think that this application is a priority for A&H, as they have very little information on the topic on the web site, and very few updates regarding routers, for example.