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I have been using the Cisco/linksys 6500 series, and i have three of them for each of my ilive rigs.
Personally i have problems with ipad in busy rooms, so i don’t use that anymore. Gave it to my wife to watch movies at home while I am working a show.
I am sort of a laptop geek/freak anyhow so i use 2 Thinkpads (one hard wired to the IDR at Monitor world) and one with a “better” wifi radio at FOH for my mix. for more “surface area” I use an attached USB monitor which gives me a second screen. I don’t use the R72 console anymore, (want to buyit?) mostly because i get lazy i suppose.

I was quite concerned/mystified about the performance degrading throuhout the show. One theory is that as the crowd fills up, people will be hitting you WAP trying to upload crap to facebook and Youtube. So at a minimum password protect your WAP and more importantly “hide” the AP in your WAP settings.

The other thing is that when i am using the dante card for recording, it seems to really keep the IDR engine busy. performance to the console/wap suffered. If i was pulling all of this traffic through a smart switch i suppose it would be worth setting Qos, but i just “home run the MACBOOK to the dante interface for recording and my Thinkpad T420s (with SSD) to the network port for IDr control. I run about 150 shows per year and this setup has been great.

FWIIW, i have played with about ever other digital console editor software. IMHO the Ilive editor is the best. I have not found any other gear that gives me the quality of sound, and capability of the Ilive series. ONe my bucket list is to make enough money to by a Dlive, but again, i may only want the stage racks. The con
sole wheras it is pretty, won’t fit in my laptop case. 🙂