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Using Safes->All is the answer.

Since a clear walkthrough hasn’t been posted to resolve this issue, I’ll post it here in case someone comes along in the future needing to do this. Here are the steps I take:

As Andreas mentioned, first I created a scene with the routing that I need when there is a FOH and saved it as “FOH”. I created another scene with the routing I need for no FOH and called it “no FOH”.

So here’s the steps:
1) turn on the mixer. push “sel” button for channel one so you can view your current routing.
2) push “routing” button so you can view the current routing. This just lets ye see if what you are trying to do is working.
3) push “scenes” button.
4) choose FOH or no FOH depending on your needs. load it up.
5) Push “routing” button and you should see the different routing that you are needing.
6) Push “scenes” button then “Safes->All” This will now mean that all the other scenes you select will be able to override the current routing.
7) You can check this by selecting a scene that would normally have a different routing and then pusy “routing” button to check.

I hope this helps someone someday. It helped me!