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Joe Hinkens

Chris wrote:

What is the pick off point for your auxes? Select an Aux and go to the “routing” tab under the “processing” button. For your stated purpose you’d want these to be set to “post comp” so what you’re hearing is after all the channel processing. (You’d choose “post delay” because it’s at the end, but this won’t cause a gain change and you might want to use if for something that you wouldn’t want affecting monitors.)

If you had a compressor with make up gain, or an EQ boost, this would explain your issues. Also, any processing you do on subgroups or your Main LR mix will also change FOH without being heard in your mixes.


That was it Chris. After following your suggestion I found that the pick off point for each of the five auxes was ‘post EQ’. There was a substantial amount of make up gain on the compressor so once I changed the pick off point to ‘post comp’ the aux mixes came to life. I never realized that routing tab existed. Thanks for your help.