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Stix wrote:

You said you renamed it, and copied it to the USB but did you save it first? If not then when you load that back it will only recall the show as it was stored which may have been some time ago. Note that saving a “scene” is not actually stored anywhere permanent until the show that contains it is saved!

I think you nailed it. I’m feeling pretty lame right about now. As you can see from my original post (spelling errors, grammar errors) it was late and I was tired. I’m pretty sure I failed to ‘Overwrite’ the Show. After reviewing my steps, I think I made the erroneous assumption that saving scenes automatically saved it to a show. I’ve been diligent at saving scenes but not so much with shows. I won’t let that happen again. 🙁 This is another one I’ll chalk up to user error.

After looking over the ‘Show Manager’ page I noticed the save button is titled ‘Overwrite’, yet on the ‘Scenes Manager’ page, the save button is titled ‘Store’. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought it might make sense to have them both labeled the same for the sake of consistency.
My mistake is purely my mistake and completely user error, but perhaps relabeling the buttons would help prevent another rookie like me from experiencing the same thing.

Thanks to everyone for the quick reply.