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Haven’t played with AMM yet but if it works well then I could be using it as a standard feature most Sundays to help control the situation when I have a number of interacting presenters on stage all using radio mics.

No, we don’t have a stage box. It is a fixed church installation will all channels coming to the PA position via a patch panel. For the last 8 years, we have had a “standard” configuration whereby instruments are on channels 1-8 (and most are nearly always on the same channel), vocals on 9-12, stand mics 13-14, radio mics 17-22. All of this is implemented in the patch panel and marked up as such. Yes, I could move it all around but it would be hassle and would cause confusion since the patch panel outlet numbers/positions won’t correspond to the same channels/positions on the desk. It seems a lot of work which would not be required if there was a bit of flexibility in the GUI.