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UPDATE: I tried it out again today and it seems to work fine. I must have made a stupid mistake yesterday. Using the signal generator and connect the mix with the signal with a channel that is part of the AMM at a proper combination of volume of the mix/gain of the channel used (where it just turn of the other mics) seems to work fine.

[XAP]Bob, I tried connecting mix1 with channel 6 after turning on the signal generator and assign mix1 to it but it seems that I run into a problem. When I connect mix1 to channel6 their is a noise on channel 6 if I completely open the gain to the max but this sounds stays the same whatever I do. When I choose pink noise or white noise, and raise and lower de gain level of the signal generator and even when I mute the signal generator it doesn’t make any difference. The sound on channel 6 does what it is expected to do, turning down the AMM mics as long as they are not used, but I don’t understand why the signal generator doesn’t seem to work as expected.

I read the signal generator part in the manual, checked if Talkback was turned on and even changed the XLR cable used. Am I missing something or could something be broken with the signal generator? Thanks in advance.