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We’re using a Qu-24 as our main studio console. It’s superb: the flexibility of routing, large number of monitor sends (plus the matrix), on-board fx, the d-snake to avoid using all our old multicores, the Qu-You apps (the iPad one is awesome for for remote setup helping musicians with their monitor mixes), no latency issues using Sonar and Windows 8, ….

We’ve only exceeded 16 channels for tracking once, but it’s great to have the extra ones to keep things permanently attached to fixed channels (like the DAW, some resident keys, PC sound). So I recommend the Qu-24 over the Qu-16 if you can stretch that far. If you are going to use d-snake (which is terrific) note the very high cost of the breakout box(es). Plumbing in some ethernet points around the studio is so simple compared with laying the old multicores and wall boxes.

Just a few niggles:
The location of the power switch (as mentioned above)
The difficulty of using it as a control surface for the DAW if you are committed to PC rather than Mac (basically, build it yourself).
The Pre-fade/After fade listen (PAFL) routing and options take some understanding, and seems to be limited to using headphones (unless I’ve missed a menu).
Even after several months, we still find it hard to find some functions in the menu hierarchy: if there is logic to where things are, we haven’t worked it out yet!

(On the compressor sidechain point mentioned above, the last firmware update introduced a channel ducking function)