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I’m using the QU-16 every day in our studio. My only complaint is I wish I’d gotten the QU-24 for more in/outs. But I don’t have room and that would have stretched my budget a bit.

With Logic it’s been completely painless to set up and record. It just works.
I like the preamps, I love the converters. Excellent sound. The mixer itself is silent in use, the preamps are quiet.
Great workflow. There are a few menus hidden in strange places, but mostly it is very easy to use.
Great build quality.
Great service from A & H, constant updates.
Lots of inputs and outputs.

The power switch is difficult to reach.
Like most audio products, the headphone output is on the right side even though almost all headphones input at the left ear.
I wish the compressor had a sidechain function.

I think that’s it. Not many cons, it’s a wonderful mixer for a small studio.