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The iLive can recall scenes via program change messages. This from the iLive Midi Manual:
For Scene 1 to 128
Scene SS 1 to 128 = 00 to 7F
Select bank Recall Scene
BN, 00, 00, CN, SS
For Scene 129 to 250
Scene SS 129 to 250 = 00 to 78
Select bank Recall Scene
BN, 00, 01, CN, SS

The Pro 2 MIDI output can include a globally-enabled outgoing message that contains the recalled scene number and is sent out for all recalled scenes. Also, up to eight messages with user-selectable content are stored per scene and sent out whenever the scene is recalled. So you will need to program the Pro 2 to send the correct program change message for each scene recalled.

Midas Pro 2 Scene Midi