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David Haughton

Hi Creator, you would just need to connect the local stereo output of ME-1 to the inputs of your IEM transmitter.
This way the user can have ME-1 flexibility and wireless freedom in their monitoring. This solution is used by Philip Selway on tour:

“On this leg of the tour we are using an iLive-T112 surface, an iDR-48 and a ME-U with five ME-1 personal mixers. They are all using in-ear monitoring, which is fed from their individual ME-1s.”

You can either power each ME-1 with the DC PSU, and daisy-chain the units over CAT5 (there is no limit to the number of units that can be chained), you could use ME-U hub or a thrid-party PoE switch.

There are some recommendations for the type of switch in this knowledge base article:

As long as you are using good quality shielded audio and CAT5 cables, running a stereo analogue cable alongside your CAT5 to each ME-1 unit will be perfectly fine.

Hope this helps!