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Well Allen & Heath have certainly been busy with the latest QU-PAD update yet again and it just keeps on getting better and better! Channel linking, signal generator and talkback have both been added now which makes me even happier!
One feature that was released in the latest v1.8 update is the Spectrograph which could be very useful. However, I was very surprised to see this wasn’t included in the QU-PAD app!? I’m now using the QU-PAC mixer which is always set up onstage so it would be more important to have this in the QU-PAD app!?
The QU-PAD app is now so controllable and well laid out but it would be great if we could have :-

1/ Spectrograph screen
2/ QU-Drive controls
3/To be able to draw a rough GEQ curve by sliding finger across the bands
4/ Soft Keys to be assignable from QU-PAD
5/ Individual channel colour customisation

These features would make the QU-PAD app feel complete for my purposes but it’s already come such a long way since its first release!

Thankyou A&H