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The differences:
– ME-1 can support many more musicians
– Mix -> Headphone amp -> bodypack OR Mix -> UHF transmitter -> Wireless IEM

I support 7 monitor mixes on a QU16, 4 in ear (only one of which runs stereo) and 3 on wedges – this is MUCH cheaper than even a single ME-1 (~£100 for the multi channel headphone amp and £35 each for a bodypack with volume control, add a few cables and a standard WiFi access point/router)
The musicians can control their in ear mixes from QuYou, but I don’t let the wedge guys do that.
I can help those on in ears if they end up breaking their mix horribly.

If you are looking at up to 6 people then that is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. I’d stay wired if you can, they can drop the cable from the bodypack to walk around.

I also use a UHF IEM for my own listening, but that’s so I can wander around with the iPad…