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^This. I find it helps to think of “inputs” and “channels” as 2 separate things. Excluding the talkback preamp and the 4x stereo FX returns, you can connect up to 100 “inputs” to the Qu24 at once:
24x local preamps
3x stereo line level sources via local TRS sockets
24x remote preamps from an AR2412
16x remote preamps from an AB168 daisy-chained from the AR2412 (or you can connect the AB168 directly to the Qu24: you don’t have to use an AR2412.)
18x USB inputs from the USB A socket (Qu-Drive)
30x USB inputs from the USB B socket (DAW)

From these 100 inputs, you can choose whatever combination of up to 24x mono and 3x stereo “inputs” you’d like to route to the Qu24’s 24x mono and 3x stereo “channels” for processing and mixing. There are a couple of caveats: one being that you can only use one set of USB inputs at a time, either QU-Drive USB sources or DAW USB sources. You can’t simultaneously have some USB sources from the QU-Drive and other USB sources from the DAW, (though you can use both USB outputs simultaneously.) Also, the local preamps\stereo are mapped 1:1 with the channels, ie if you choose to use preamp#5 as for an input, its signal will go to ch#5. The signals from remote preamps\USB can turn up anywhere though. You can have ch1 sourcing it’s input signal from a local preamp (preamp#1,) ch2 sourcing its input signal from the DAW, ch3 sourcing its input signal from remote preamp#17 on the AR2412, ch4 sourcing its signal from preamp#12 on the AB168 etc.

You can change which inputs are routed to which channels on a scene-by-scene basis.

To sum up, the Qu24 has enough DSP to mix 24x mono + 3x stereo channels (+4x stereo FX returns.) By default those channels will source their signals from the local preamps\TRS inputs. Adding an AB168 (or a AR2412/AR84) just gives you more alternative locations from which to source signals for those 24/3 channels.