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In late 1990s a company named Mackie designed a DAW control surface named HUI. The protocol used to communicate with that device is known as the “Mackie HUI Protocol”. Its pretty simple in structure so it was adopted from several other control surface manufacturers and developed to a somewhat “standard” across various DAW applications as well. So, if you are using the “Mackie Protocol” you’re using the “HUI Protocol” automatically. Technically its the same, just different words (Mackie Control refers to a different hardware, though).
The HUI hardware does not have a dedicated PAN encoder but one assignable (inside the DAW!) controller per channel column. The Qu has Pan only in the superstrip, which is a totally different idea. So both concepts simply do not match here, consequently you can not map the Qu’s Pan pot to a Pan inside the DAW using the HUI protocol.
To get a somewhat more featured control surface experience, you need to manually setup controller assignments. The Logic Documentation at least notes that controllers may be assigned on a custom base.