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Thanks for the quick and detailed response JCarter. So it sounds as though there is likely no “elegant and in the console solution”. We aren’t using an external processor and would very much prefer to maintain individual control of the Tops (array clusters) and subs from FOH via the console. This would provide a convenient way to best adjust the subs for various overall volumes and types of program material. Physically summing the Main L/R to the tops may well be the best option. There is plenty of DSP in the amps but I think we really need to split out the subs at the console to be able to control them independently.

I actually ran across that white paper a few months ago and totally agree. Thanks for sharing so that others may also see it here and benefit from it as well.

I also agree that just using two mono auxes(tops and subs…) might be confusing but what if we named them MainT and MainB. Is there any other functionality that would be lost by doing it this way and setting the whole thing up kind of like a monitor board? I am still reading and getting all the finer points of this under my belt but don’t know what I don’t know yet, so to speak.

Thanks again…