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There is not much in the manual around these areas and I had to experiment to find ways which provided safe and repeatable operation for the basic users yet control and flexibility for the power users.

The Qu powers up into whatever state it was last left. This includes the user type as well as the the selected fader layer in use and fader settings etc. I ask the power users as a matter of courtesy to change the user type back to basic. Upon changing user types, there can be a predefined startup scene for that user which is loaded, which can recall various fader and mix settings.

Using a scene outside the range allocated to users together with applying a simple password to the standard user means that however the desk was left, on power up the basic users cannot help but end up in a known safe state on the custom layer, unaffected by anything that the standard users can do.

Things can still go wrong if there are global safes preventing the total recall of the basic scene.