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As has been said, you can set up the Standard User so that only the Custom layer can be used. I did this for our normal users. They can control all of the inputs and mixes we use, as well as use the DCAs for control of groups used for recording, using only the custom layer. But you are then limited to only 32 faders, unless they know how to use the Blue Mix buttons.

By using the Safes screen, you can protect all parameters for one channel, so that when you select the desired Scene on bootup, the one channel’s setting will not be over-ridden.

This does leave you open to an operator leaving that channel in a “problematic” or unknown state for the next person. I prefer to have the standard scene have one or two critical channels unmuted, but use the Scene and/or Global Filter to protect everything but the Mutes.

The security model for the QU is fairly complex and versatile, but it’s a shame that there are only three user levels, with the Basic level being practically useless. Perhaps A&H will change this with a firmware upgrade.

My familiarity with this is admittedly limited, so I hope I have given you good information that can be used alongside what has been given in previous posts.