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In my church’s mono setup we have the mains on the desk set up as LR+Msum and then send the Msum output to a speaker processor that handles the cross-over between the top cluster and the sub. The major downside of that approach is that the LR+Msum configuration ties up four mix outputs despite the fact that we only use one of them.

If I’d ever get tight on mix outputs I would drop the Msum output and sum L and R together, either in the processor or amp if one of those can be used to safely sum them, or with a summing box (not just a wye tying L and R directly to each other… Rane has a good white paper with schematics for summing circuits at ).

It’s possible to dispense with the main outs entirely and just run your mono main (and sub if you want) on one or two post-fade aux mixes but that might get a little confusing to train volunteers on.