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Searching for answers to my question, I came across this thread. I’m wanting to have individual channels either be muted in ME monitors when muted on the surface, or not. I’ve found the “follow mute” option under Processing>>>Routing. My problem arises in that when I select this for an individual channel, it seems to do the same for every other channel.

My goal is to have a cordless mic muted in monitors when muted on FOH (pastor’s headset), but not have other instruments (guitars, bass) ever be cut from the monitor mix by the FOH engineer. This will allow the headset mic belt pack to be left “on”, to be muted when necessary by FOH, and eliminating the need for the wireless mics to be switched on/off several times during a service. More than once, the pastor’s (off key) singing has rung out in the band’s ears, despite being muted in FOH. However, every time I select “follow mute” it causes issues I didn’t ask for in all other channels.

Hopefully I’ve explained that clearly enough. Hopefully it’s close enough to the original question to be in this thread.