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Thanks guys it went really well yesterday esp the evening concert. I was very pleased with how it sounded. I had it up nice and loud and i got some positive comments from the pastor and others with how good it sounded which was nice. I did actually tweak things back to my preference during the show. In fact for the last two songs i experimented my A/Bing the lead vocals EQ and i honestly thought it sounded fuller with flat EQ, which is usually the way i set up the SM58 mics in our services. The drum kit sounded really well and having it miked added a little extra weight to the already loud acoustic sound from them. I took your advice Andreas for the evening concert and added a mic on the beater side of the kick and it enhanced the click sound of the beater.
The only thing that went wrong which left me quite dissappointed was that the multitrack recording i made with the USB stick didn’t come out at all and i am certain i pressed the Play button after arming as i saw the eclipsed time increasing after pressing play. I tested it again tonite after work and it worked fine,go figure !!. Really annoying. ..