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“mp3 is standard on most portable profesional and non pro recorders. I’m not saying it’s good quality but it’s fine for low level bgm music playback.”

Why would you want an mp3 player if it wasn’t good quality? I would rather have no internal mp3 player than a low quality one. The ST3 input is a great feature for mp3 needs. Now if A&amp could license 3rd party plugins (Waves, SoundToys, Slate, FabFilter, etc.), now THAT is what would excite me!

Based on the rest of your wish list, You probably should have saved more money and went with the GLD series. You mention that Yamaha, berhinger, and other consoles have what you are looking for, why didn’t you purchase one of those? I am guessing it’s because you realize that A&H has the better mixer overall. I think for the price (if you payed retail, you are crazy), the QU series is a good buy. I think over time, the company will continue to make it better with software updates. Half baked updates like a low quality mp3 player, would be very disappointing.