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Hey Nicola, I’ve unpacked my S7000 & DM64 on the weekend, spent a few hours programming up a show last night to get a feel for it, and I’m very impressed so far (good thing, it cost me a small fortune!)… a couple of things, can we get a release date (even just a ballpark) on the editor/iPad (particularly iPad) apps please? It’s the only thing I’m worried about coming into festival season apart from the Dante cards (apparently there’s letterbox adapters for the existing Dante cards being shipped? When will that happen?) – it would suck to have to have a split on stage to an iLive rack just to do iPad monitors for shows I’d otherwise mix from FOH!
Also, indications on firmware updates? I’ve got a fair few non-fatal errors coming up in the logs, I’ll email those in when I’m on the board later tonight for your reference.