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well my happiness ended with this video where they say that dSNAKE inputs are mapped one-to-one to the Qu input channels..! and it’s bad, bad, VERY BAD..! how can you (A&H) sold that kind of mixing desk as something for near professional use with HARD PATCHED INPUTS and OUTPUTS..? is it DIGITAL console or ANALOG..? this is rhetorical question I know but for me this is unacceptable… How can anybody in presant days work with that… limitation..? (in DIGITAL desk I repeat) How can I separate FOH processing (EQ, compression) from monitors (on MIX sends) for example..? or build different EQ from FOH (again on MIX sends) for each (!) input signal..? (should I buy another mixer for that and clone myself if I prefer to work alone..? or should I use analog “Y” split with DIGITAL mixer, nonsense anyway..!) This is crazy and this is about basics of mixing… a shame for such a solid company.