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I understand your frustration, and you seem to be able to understand that musicians have their personal preferences, which can sometimes run counter to the operator’s preferences. You seem to be asking about who should be in control, and you say “my opinion is that who is operating sound is the guy who gets to adjust FoH levels and EQ.”

If you have already made up your mind on this, why did you ask for advice in the first place?

I like what Chris said. This isn’t about control, it’s about results, from both a technical and a personal standpoint. As the FOH operator you ARE the person in control of that sound, and it is OK to ask the performers to respect that. All I’m suggesting is that you also respect their opinions and converse with them in a way that shows that.

I, too, am upset when a play director or musician tries to adjust my mixer settings, but if the system sounds OK after that, what’s to complain about? If you feel the sound is afterwards not OK, especially if you find yourself on the edge of feedback, then make any corrections needed, as has been suggested previously, and you should not have to apologize for it.