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Ok Doc some fair points. But i am also a musician, i lead worship on guitar and so i know what it’s like on the other side and wanting a certain sound from my guitar and mic,im very fussy. But i did give each and every band member what they wanted in their monitors. But my opinion is that who is operating sound is the guy who gets to adjust FoH levels and EQ. I don’t think it should matter if a band are ‘professional’, why should that matter. Its worship not a performance. If they wanted a particular sound and EQ on their instruments and mics then they should bring their own mics and their own sound tech and let him/her mix the way they like it. But they asked us to do the sound and provide all the equipment and mics etc (bar their own guitars), so then i think they should respect and trust me to do my job. Respect works both ways. Am i wrong?
And by the way their tech / keys player didn’t suggest settings he just asked if he could adjust the EQ himself, which i thought quite cheeky.