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If he’s busy playing keyboards you’re free to revert to your settings live. If the audience was happy with the sound, he’ll probably tell you that it was a good idea to use “his” settings. You just smile. If the sound finally was a desaster, you’re free to tell him that using your settings would have been better. win/win on your side… 😉
Seriously, I doubt it does make sense to start an argument with such people who insist to know everything better. Maybe he has good reasons for special EQ settings (i.e. know problem frequencies with their instruments you’re not aware of).
On the other hand, I’m not sure if it is a good idea to generally handle feedback on the channel EQs. Critical feedback frequencies are often caused by room resonances which are somewhat global an can better be handled with the EQs on the output side (Mix/Mtx/LR).