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Just my opinion but after having been through this same situation for 40+ years I can say this. I try to work with musicians or tech guys as much as I can. I want them to be happy and leave happy. That said in this type of case I would probably let him do his thing then after they start playing if there is something just not working tweak it to where it does work. If he says something later just tell him it didn’t sound right. He is not in a position to change it. Many times I have had band mixers come in and start EQing things without even listening. Just their stock settings. If they are mixing then there is not much you can do. If they are not such as this case then you have the right to change it. Just remember. They will be gone. You have to live with this venue. If your superiors complain tell them what happened.

It’s not worth creating a storm unless really bad then you step in and tell him.

I could fill a book with my dealings with production people. Mainly with major stars. It can be awful or great.

Good luck!!!