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Let’s say we have dm64 with dante card.
1-64 input channels are for F.O.H.
65-128 split channels with gain tracking/trim are for monitor world.

Band has Aviom system fed via Dante. They need pre-fader feeds from channels 65-128.
In that scenario I cannot get direct outs post-preamp for multitrack recording from the same console.

Actually this is the scenario I don’t know what to do with a digico board in my hand.
There is a MADI to DANTE converter(focusrite REDnet6). MAdi stream becomes dante. But Aviom needs pre-fader feeds for obvious reason.
Maybe there is a simple solution I keep missing. I’m open to suggestions.

The reason band uses Digico is the waves integration with soundgrid server.
Well, since DM64 can gladly accept 3x expansion cards, I can insert a M-waves and dante cards to take care of waves and aviom requirements.

But beyond that I’m lost.
-dante to feed aviom(pre-fader)
-waves for insert FX to input channels & usual AUX(send/return) FXs
-record from direct outs of ???

Is there any configuration that can accomplish these 3 items at the same time with only 1 console?

Thank you.